Just because its freaking hilarious

from an IM conversation with my friend Isaiah

EsotericWombat: I am not speaking empyrically saying that I'm never going to make it with a dude, if for no other reason than that whenever I make broad, "I will not do this" statements it ends up getting shot to shit

EsotericWombat: and that's one that I frankly would not like to see shot to shit

DaedalusDanger: Oh you'll get a shot in the shit

100 Wombat points to Isaiah.


  1. you were having this conversation with another guy, hmmmm, ok, well you are at the age where one experiments in search of the true self. Good luck with that.

  2. ... you know in retrospect its looking like it was a bad idea to put this here out of context. Let me clarify. I at this moment have no desire to pick up another dude. However, when I say that something is never going to happen, it very often happens, and happens right away.

    See, it was an attempt at humor on my part. Though it was my friend that succeeded in bringing the funny. Just to make sure that I'm not making false implications my friend is, even less gay than I am. (as a theater major at an art school I can't claim 100% heterosexuality no matter what my actions)

    So yeah. No guys for me. Not now, not in any future as I see it.

    I get the feeling that I'm overexplaining myself here. I just wanted people to laugh at the joke. Please just laugh and don't analyze it!

  3. it's hard to laugh on a blog...I mean, I can do the tee hee or lol thing but it seems kind of weak and unoriginal. I would much rather make a joke back...even if the joke I make is also weak and unoriginal. I am now going to analyze your comment so here goes. Being a theatre arts major does not diminish your heterosexuality any more than being a helicopter pilot in Iraq (the most dangerous and macho occupation I can think of right now) would enhance it. This I'm sure you know.

  4. Human sexuality is very fluid. Never say never, becuase umm, you could end up like me.

  5. I've had the same conversations but reverse, or maybe both ways now that I think of it considering my circumspection in all mattes sexual.
    If you can't put it in your online journal you might as well close up shop.
    It is kind of funny but don't you think that a large number of guys have that conversation, in jest or not, at some point?

  6. Well, I don't know about guys in general, but if you're like me; specifically a liberal-minded theater student, it is a line of thought that almost has to come up at some point. I mean, it comes with the territory. Personally I don't think it makes any sense to hide from the question.

  7. new material please