Made some changes to the blog. Added some links, swapped some colors... yeah

Greg Dean has been doing one of his best storylines in a while. Reminds me why I still read what he puts out.

Frienditto is in the shitter. sic semper, biatch! For those of you that don't know, Frienditto is a "service" that allows people to archive posts from the Livejournals they read on the Frienditto servers, even if they're posts that are only meant for those with "Friend" status to read. It is also, furthermore, a blatant copyright violation. You'll notice that I didn't link them. they'll get no free advertising from me. Google them if you want, but you won't find anything interesting on the frontpage, and in an effort to raise some emergency cash they've replaced all of their links with ads.

It appears that my post below wasn't bullshit. Take that, Annonymous!

Congrats to FishBowlDC for becoming the first blogger to be given a White House press pass.

I think that speaks for itself... I love it when the things I say are immedeately proven right.

Well, this has been mostly boiler-plate stuff. More tonight... probably.


  1. I don't know why a blogger would want to actually be in the WH. You can watch the daily press briefings on CSPAN. Although I guess this way he gets to ask questions, not get a straight answer and then hang out with all the other reporters. I think more access to govt officials by just plain folks isn't such a bad idea. And I agree some bloggers are reporting, especially some of the overseas ones right now from Lebanon and Syria and of course IraqtheModel.blogspot.com has been doing their stuff for awhile and a lot of it is really reporting too.

  2. oh, I wasn't lashing out at you... it was this guy who jumped on me and wouldn't even have the common courtesy of giving his name so I could strike back. No, we're cool.

    I'm just curious, how did you come upon my blog. I read somewhere in yours that you're a transplanted New Englander... was that it? In any case, I'm glad you found it.

  3. I do the "next blog" bit every once in a while to see what else is out there and yours caught my eye so stopped to read it. That you are from MA means you are hopefully a Red Sox fan so definitely a worthwhile human being (and if not, this may be my last post on your blog, j/k).

    And I knew you weren't responding to me, I was responding to your post about the guy in the WH. And I agree with you on Anonymous posts, they can be mysterious. I allow them too so anyone who isn't registered can post if they want to, but I like to be able to go and check out other people's blogs.

  4. Hmm - why am I not surprised that FishBowlDC found the WH briefing a bit dull? :)

    I think it's fair enough that people should be expected to, at least, give themselves an alias when commenting - at least that gives them some form of identity in the anonymous landscape that is the Internet. It puts some form of name behind the voice. I don't like 'anonymous'. It's just too, dare I say, anonymous.

  5. Well, I'm in luck, because I am in fact a Red Sox fan. Actually, I took a plane back to Boston the weekend of the Rolling Rally. It's what I am now calling a "financial blunder of passion" as the 300 dollars is somewhat outside of my budget. Still, it's an experience that I'll look fondly upon.

    not to pry, but what was it that caught your eye? (rhyming unintentional) I'm curious about things like that. Whatever it was, I'm glad you liked it.

  6. hmm... Steve, I guess you submitted while I was in mid-reply. Yeah, I like to give as much personal background I can without making myself especially vulerable to depraved minds (I meet enough of them on my own volition)

  7. So you went back for the R/R while I only watched it on ESPN...oh, such memories. Best thing to happen in a really long time for me and everyone else in NE I guess. What caught my eye, just the line "sometimes I let myself believe that other people read this."

  8. hmm... that's pretty cool, and somewhat ironic.

    Maybe it was just my general good mood at the time, but I felt like there was a general air of relief over Boston when I was walking the streets. At least now we've seen it happen in our lifetimes, and were able to raise a glass to those who hadn't

    I have a nine year-old brother who's just begginning to follow the Red Sox and Patriots. I can't help but feel a bit jealous. Then again, this means more to me.

    If you can get your hands on it, you should check out Tessie by Dropkick Murphys. Its a recreation of a song that a Sox fan club called the Royal Rooters used to sing way back when the Sox had won more titles than anyone else. However, in 1919, the pub they used as a hangout was shut down due to prohibition, and the club disbanded. In 2004, the Murphys were commissioned by the Red Sox to rework and rewrite the song. I'm not saying that it was because of them, but I think its a better story than the Curse.

  9. do you check out Sons of Sam Horn and Boston Dirt Dogs at all?

  10. I've never heard of them. what are they?

  11. http://bostondirtdogs.com/


  12. Thanks a bunch. Wasn't too thrilled at the top item on dirtdogs, but what can you do?

    These games don't count anyway...