Back from the coffeehouse

So, I had like 40 minutes to prepare a monologue for Angels in America.

Naturally, a callback wasn't in the cards.

So, I went to Gourmands, met someone I should have befreinded a long time ago... we live in the same building, take similar classes, hang out at the same coffee shop, and have bumped into each other a hell of a lot for the past 6 months without talking. Well, we've ammended that. We each slapped down 3 bucks on the counter for a "bottomless" cup of coffee. (interesting sidenote- the moment at which they turn you lose from the coffee house is the same moment that you are the most caffinated. which sucks if it happens at 10 o'clock)

So we chatted, had a lot of good laughs, a few great ones... it was cool, and I should have spoken to her a long time ago.

that was the cool part.

the part that annoys me is that I found myself cowriting a freind's standup routine. This isn't in itself annoying, except that I know his stuff is going to be better than mine come Thursday. Hell, I even wrote an opening line for him: "Hi, I'm ... I'm sorry. Maybe I'll luck out and I'm the only one who likes the line.

so, yeah, between those two conversations I neither wrote my play nor read Medea, and I can't exactly go back to the coffeehouse now, because its closed.

Came across this.

It's something I can get behind, but not donate money to... I'm in no such position at the moment.

Well, I suppose thats it for now. I'm out.


  1. Making new friends is a good thing, helping a friend also a good thing. Sorry about the reading. How do you know you won't be called back?

  2. well, specifically, because they told me. but I wasn't feeling it at the audition.

    Actually "freind, is a loose term... I'd just met the guy, so I don't know why I used it there.

  3. Yeah, sorry E.W. - better luck next time, hey?

    Maybe you could describe this person as a 'coffee buddy'? That's the phrase I use for someone that's not really close enough to be called a friend, but it's someone that I like to have a coffee and conversation with.

  4. hmm... I like it. Not sure it applies to him, because our "conversation" began with him trying out his material on me. Hmm... the open mike is tommorrow... I should really think about writing something...