I think maybe I'm obsessed with this

The New York Times has and article up about the question of whether bloggers should be considered journalists. Also, here's an article about all of the people who have been talking about this in their blogs.

Its good to hear that there are some lawyers and law proffessors who want to fight this. Personally, I'm dissapointed in Apple for being on the wrong side of history. I guess it happens to everyone.


It's looking like Tarintino is going to direct a Friday the Thirteenth movie.

I'm not much a fan of the series, but I'll eat up anything Quentin makes. No one does violence nearly as well as he does.

well, I'm out for now. Be back later tonight.


  1. yeah, I'd heard. I still wish that they'd done the Freddy vs Jason vs Ash thing, because I want to see Bruce Campbell in another movie before its too late. Hmm... I've heard good things about CSI. I guess I'll watch that one.

    I'll probably see the next Friday the 13th movie at least 3 times in the first week if its Tarantino. My Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction dvds are prized possesions.

  2. Sorry! I was poking around with comment settings and ended up deleting my comments. D'oh!

    Anyway... I was gonna say something witty, like:

    Wiggle your big toe...

    Wiggle your big toe...

    Wiggle your big toe...

    Hmm, come to think of it, it really wasn't that witty in the first place.

  3. Perhaps not witty, but an excellent example of Tarantino's skill as a filmmaker. He was able to breathe suspense into Uma wiggling her toe. Imagine what he'll do with a horror flick

  4. On the topic your obsession:

    Have a read of this

  5. E/W, here's another article,


    and I liked Pulp Fiction but not Kill Bill. Way too gory.

  6. you know, I do not like this at all. Someone needs to file an Amicus Curaie before this goes down

  7. You're starting to sound more like a Law student every day. *grin*

  8. hah. Well, I'm at a delightful point in my existance where I still remember most of the things that I learned in my high school US Government class. I'm not saying I never considered Law though

  9. I do not think that bloggers should be consider journalists. Its one thing to write, and another to write articles that people read. If I might mention, the latter is harder ;) to achieve.

  10. E/W

    another article about your favorite topic:

  11. Lass:
    this isn't the first time I've said this, but due to the sheer quantity of text on the subject here, I understand if you haven't seen it. Hell, I don't know if I'd comb through it all.

    I do not submit that all bloggers are journalists. Hell, I'd have to be pretty high to consider what I do here journalism. But as the ruling stands, even if I were to put on my journalism hat and go out and cover stories, and follow all of the rules that journalists are supposed to follow (most of which Tom Wolfe and Hunter S Thompson went out and broke), and I had thousands of people reading my articles, I would not be given protection as a journalist simply because I chose to present it in weblog format.

    That being said, the line between blogging and actual journalism is rather blurred. While I agree with you that bloggers should not automatically be given demarcation as journalists, I think that it is more than reasonable in this case to give them the right to withold sources, as denial of this right would prevent any blogger from legitemately journalizing.

    Weblogs can be a powerful tool, and I feel that this ruling could be an impediment.

    in any case, thank you very much for reading, and moreover thank you for posting. I quite enjoy your blog.

    Saije: Thanks for the link. I think I'm going to take every link I've been given and every link I've found on my own and put them in a separate sidebar. Hopefully, my newest post will attract some discussion, and I'll be able to stop talking about this until theres an actual new development :)