I've been tagged--Message in a Bottle

For the first time in a while, by Cooper.

Basically it's like this. Take the image from here, write something on it, and post it.

Cooper likened it to a postsecret sans masturbatory confessions. I tried something more akin to a single panel a softer world, complete with alt text.

Seeing as anyone who's reading this probably already saw it at Cooper's, I'm going with an open tag here. Do as you like with it, internet!

Aside from that, the new Mars Volta album has been out for a month and due to a shameful lack of awareness I haven't listened to it until now. Bedlam in Goliath comes with my full recommendation. Given, the premise was derived from a supposedly haunted Ouija board, but knowing this detracts nothing from the experience.

I'm going to try and increase production hereabouts. I know, I know. Not like I don't always say that.


  1. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Totally cool Wombat, I am glad you did it without complaint. ;)

  2. Yeah, because usually when you ask me to do something you get all kinds of complaints from me.

    glad you liked

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