I think either way the name of my first album would be self-titled

I've been tagged by Mimey. This is an odd one and that is what would have ensured my participation even were it not for the tag. As for the first question I promise that if I ever cut any songs as a rapper I will use that name. I'm not as sure about the alt rock thing as that wouldn't be entirely my call.

Rapper Name: Awestryke

Alternative Rock Band Name: Blind Lemon Catastrophe

Name your pain: uh well actually right now I'm having sort of a sneezing fit and my shoulders hurt with each sneeze but I get the idea that's not the point so umm... Ignorance and bad taste in others? Total lack of romantic/sexual activity in myself? Wait what was the question?

1 true word that symbolizes God: one "true" word? is there such a thing as a false word? hmm... Tetragrammaton. If this needs explanation (it does go beyond the mere definition of the word) I'll be glad to offer it.

1 True Love or 1 million dollars?: Come the revolution, the dollar will be worthless. Anyways if I don't believe that true love wouldn't inspire me to write something worthwhile and saleable (especially after I inevitably screwed it up) then I might as well give up right now.

Live Free or Die Stupid?: Is this really a question? In the words of Twain, we must endeavor so to live that when we die, even the undertaker is sorry.

Purest, Happiest Moment Ever (8 words or less): I should have seen it coming, but didn't

Most Influential Life Lesson: That the only universal constant is that you just don't fucking know. Which is a good thing. Always more to learn. Always something to surprise you.

Most Succeessful Person You Least Admire: I'd say George W Bush but the only thing he's succeeded at in his life has been to put him in the position to be a colossal failure. Therefore I'll say Donald Trump. He's just a corny douchebag with a shitty hairdo and fat sacks of cash money.

Where do we go when we die? (one word) Away

Worst TV show of the past decade: Probably Barney and Friends. An insipid children's show that helped get an entire generation used to insipid entertainment.

Best TV show of the past decade: Tough one. The best sitcom of the past decade is Coupling, no contest. But best show? Browncoat like I am, part of me wants to say Firefly and be done with it. Boston Legal enters the mind as well. And of course I'd have to make mention of the Simpsons. And the entirety of Adult Swim. Fuck. I didn't really answer this question, did I?

Still with me, yes or no?: Depends. Who are you? I'm not lost if that's what you mean.

Burning Building- baby or dog: Baby. If the dog was worth going in for then it would be a non-question because it'd already be sitting at my feet after having brought me the baby.

Who runs the world? (two words or less): the Man

Worst Idea You Ever Had: Hmm... luckily for me the worst ideas I've had have been the ones I never followed through on like, "I should have a kid before I turn 20" (I think I was like 7 when that gem crossed my mind) Oh and then there was that time I thought I wanted to become a priest but within the year renounced my Catholicism. That one was fun.

Shittiest Job You Ever Had: Oh Sam Goody, hands down. Doing more work than I was for Blockbuster for less pay

Best Job You Ever Had: Aquatics Instructor at Camp Storer. Sure the money was no good but I was 15 and I didn't need it then.

I think the tags will go out to Jason, Cooper, and Miz B.


  1. Anonymous9:42 PM

    being it is Sunday evening or night I guess I will bite but now i have to copy the whole thing .....................think i'll take a shower first.

  2. Anonymous9:42 PM

    you know it's me

  3. I almost like the sound of a dog that can do that. Can he/she shower and brush his/her teeth as well?

    Some excellent life lessons here :-)

  4. OOOOh! I have been TAGGED? Dios mio! Well, you put the funk into this tag so I will do that following my next post (as I am in the process of writing it)...

    Loved your responses and I guess 'tis best I keep my mouth shut, SHUT I TELL YOU, as to what I would say to these questions!

    FO SHO!

  5. Oh Shit...a tag?

    Damn, I should be there towards the end of the week...

  6. Anonymous1:18 AM

    LOL... have to say... I have had a horrible 2 weeks and reading this... well, somehow gave me the giggles.


  7. Anonymous5:00 AM

    There was a definite Cooper influence to this post, though it was very esorteric so I suppose that it was you


    And I would pick Boston Legal only because I fear it might not be picked up again or be a midseason replacement or something

    And my word verification is a very strange word iceembum--know that means something, but what..

  8. *khik* I wanted to have a kid before I was 20 too, at least thats what I told my gran.

    Unlike you, I still have time.

  9. Cooper: Can't wait.

    Mimey: Those are extra options. It's the only model in its class where baby-saving comes standard, though.

    Miz B: Well then I won't interrogate you. I always hate it when I don't acheive any results, and you can only be so compelling over the net =P

    Jason: Obviously no sweat, dude. Didn't know you were in the middle of a saga when I posted this.

    Shayna: Well I'm always glad to cause the giggles. Especially under such circumstances.

    I've been reading your blog. I thought I was commenting but you know how that goes sometimes.

    Pia: Oh I have no doubts there was a significant Coop influence over this.

    It's either Firefly or BL so far as I'm concerned. Maybe I'll call it a tie.

    yeah I sorta came up blank there. If I was going to answer now it would be Joe Francis

    De.Ville: heh. I knew there'd be someone else. Luckily I came to my senses before it could become an issue. I would very much suggest procrastination

  10. GW and The Donald.. good call! Love the 'gem' of wanting a kid before you were 20! Lucky you didnt follow through on those! Priest>> WTF! HAHA