On this day...

Twenty-seven years ago today (and three hundred forty-nine days before I would be alive), my dear friend Cooper came into this world.

 Surely, one of the better days for the planet.

 We've shared an overlapping corner of the blogosphere for a little more than seven years now (Holy fuck, Batman!) and  I have been infinitely grateful for it. Cooper has challenged me intellectually, engaged with me (and against me, as it were, in arguments that left many others exhausted. We collaborated on two short lived group blogs of our own and one whose failure had nothing to do with us. Our instant message conversations have made the greatest hits list of one Ms. Pia Savage. Not everyone else got it. There's much, much more to be said, but I'm up against midnight and it's important that this get out on the right day. So let me just say Happy Birthday, Cooper. I hope it's been a great one.


  1. Thank you Wombat. Who would have guessed that it would have gone on this long?