Monday Anthem-- Dedicated to Nancy Pelosi.

One of the greatest Speakers to hold the title-- and Forbes be damned, the most powerful woman in the history of this country-- is getting up off the mat.

Fuck yes, Madam Speaker.  This song is for you.

Available in two flavors:  Original

And Crunchy.

Give 'em hell, Congresswoman.

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  1. I could debate with myself forever which version I like better--Eddie's for the voice and some guitar work but I will never debate Nancy Pelosi's worth as Speaker of the House
    God are we in for hellish times
    I read bloggers who talk about their husbands pay 80% of their salaries in taxes and want to ask them what they have been ingesting or have they moved to another country. They honestly believe this crap. It's amazing how much they hate Obama. I'm beginning to think we truly are a racist horrible country