The battle for the White House has ended. The battle for America has just begun.

For right now, I'm pretty fucking proud of my country. I didn't stop being angry though, and tomorrow I'm going to be more specific about that. Suffice to say, voter suppression didn't work this time, but that doesn't mean it should be forgiven. Or, more specifically, that the perpetrators are any less worthy of being tarred and feathered in the public square.

You are not an American if you would stoop so low as to interfere with the engine of our democracy.

But there is time for that later. For now, I am pleased


  1. hi, doll. i'm not american, but i think this win means a lot, even to those in developing countries such as myself.

    miss you. xx.

  2. Relieved is my feeling. I was beginning to believe those who said it wouldn't happen. My cynicism grew daily. Some will say this does not matter, but it does matter.

    Peace out dear Wombat.

    You blog post says October 30th by the way......

  3. I was a non believer. Believed he would win in an honest election and yes he did
    But still I wonder--have a friend who is a conspiracy theorist and she believes he was allowed to win to serve some sinister purpose. She belongs to the modern EST and I think she's crazy but we've been friends forever so...kept shooting down her arguments---she wouldn't even go out on election night as she was convinced that there were going to be riots if he won or lost. Missed a great night