a note and two embeds

I'm going to put this here quick because it's Drunken Debate Watching and Crossdressing Night at the Hive and I need to get ready.

As a side note, I fucking love my new(ish) friends.

In case anyone didn't hear, two nights ago McCain was slated to appear on Letterman. Four hours before taping, he called Dave and said that he needed to get back to Washington. Luckily, David Letterman happens to have a stand-in on hand for such situations.

The plot thickened during the break.

In fact, John McCain didn't leave for Washington until the next day. And his arrival in Washington coincided not with some miraculous bipartisan deal to save Wall Street, but rather the disintegration of a deal that was agreed to in principle before he was even in the air. Now a Republican insurgency is looking to fund the proposal in a different way (perhaps even a good idea) and also refusing to agree to any measure that includes taxpayers holding equity shares in the companies and assets their money is being poured into. Not because they don't feel the taxpayers deserve it, so they say, or because they feel that potential profits need to be used elsewhere, but rather that they're morally opposed to taxpayers getting something for their money because it's in the same vein as Socialism. Guess what, dumbfucks! You're looking to spend seven hundred billion dollars of government money on industry. You're not making a stand for Capitalism by refusing dividends to investors.

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