Like anyone with a modicum of respect for civil liberties, I was enraged to hear of China's dealings during the Olympics. The government accepted applications for protests, and designated three public parks as protest zones. They then went on to deny every request, and even go so far as to arrest some of the people who applied.




But then again, it's China. A country where a non-trivial portion of the population knows nothing of the Tienanmen Square Massacre. Where no student interviewed at the local U was able to identify the Tank Man, who swiftly became an unperson following his superlative badass moment. A country where the name of the official news agency translates to Newspeak. WE DON'T EXPECT MUCH FROM THEM IN THIS AREA.

But as of now, we've fallen off of the pedestal once again. One step closer to losing the ability to honestly claim that we, as a nation, are any fucking better.

Homes are being raided in Minneapolis.

Officers in SWAT gear, wielding semi-automatic rifles, have been kicking down doors, handcuffing people, seizing laptops, journals, and other materials, never showing any evidence of having obtained a search warrant. Journalists and lawyers have been detained.

and why?

because they were planning to protest at the RNC

It's apparently become insufficient to consign protesters to holding cells free speech zones. Now they need to be detained, questioned, and denied counsel (not officially, but if your lawyer is being detained as well good luck getting in touch.)

And the feds are in on it.

That the federal government is interceding on behalf of Republicans is, of course, a complete fucking surprise.

The worst part about this is that I have yet to hear word one about this from any mainstream media outlet. It doesn't seem to even be indexed on Google News.

This is getting fucking ridiculous folks. Remember that Bill of Rights thing that we used to have?

Wasn't it fucking great?


  1. Amy Goodman getting arrested might help get it some play but honestly main stream media, even cable media has been very off the last year, totally self involved more about themselves than about journalism. I imagine we'd need a full scale Kent State to get any real coverage.

  2. CNN has been utterly unwatchable. I don't get MSNBC, because Comcast dropped it from analog coverage, so I don't know about them.

    This is allegedly what we, the alt-alt-alt-alt-alt press are supposed to be drawing attention to, but I somehow doubt I'm helping in any measurable way

  3. You know that line about governments should be scared of their people and not the other way round, as in V for Vendetta, yeah? I always felt that was a sort of empowering, galvanazing statement. But if a government's scared, it seems, it goes round being a playground bully.

    I think blogging about human rights abuses can help enormously. You never know who you're reaching or what they'll do when armed with the information.

    I'm hopeful.

  4. My grandfather, an insane conspiracy theorist, believes that we'll be under martial law before November.

    Obviously, he's full of crap, but that sounds much worse than what I saw in Denver the week before.

  5. personally I boycotted the Olympics but that was just so meaningful

    MSNBC drove us crazy during the DNC--kept cutting away from the floor to make stupid remarks

    Had to watch Lehr of McNeil...who sounded as if he was in deep dementia--would get names and facts wrong. Still was better than MSNBC

    Shoud have watched CSPAN