Yes, I'm going to keep lowering the bucket into this well until there's no water left in it.

If you're still reading me at this point chances are I consider you a friend anyways. And not just in the John McCain sense.

The Supreme Court's ruling on habeus corpus should be seen as step one. But at least we're moving. The 5-4 split is disconcerting, but considering that two of the four were appointed by the man whose decisions the majority was rebuking, I'll take it.

A big fuck you to everyone in Congress who let this happen in the first place, and a bigger one to Scalia, whose dissenting opinion would have you believe that the Supreme Court had just let all of the suspects go. It really pisses me off knowing that I may still have to hear from that douchebag well into my thirties.

Speaking of douchebags, there's a rumor going around that somewhere there's a video showing Michelle Obama using the word "Whitey." Thing is, Rush Limbaugh apparently doesn't know how to use Youtube. In response, Obama has done what I wish Kerry had done in 2004. He's started a website for the expressed purpose of dispelling the rumors that find themselves circulating on right-wing email lists and the like. www.Fight the Smears.com. It encourages people who receive smear emails to forward them to the site for debunking. It's powered, it claims, by the Truth.

If this is the case, then victory in November is certain. GOOD LORD was that a sweet game tonight. Largest come-from-behind victory in the recorded history of the NBA finals, with The Truth at the helm outscoring Kobe Bryant and laying down some tremendous defense.

I sometimes worry that I sound like a braggart when I talk about sports here but tonight I just don't fucking care. I love this city.


  1. You should love Boston :)
    Kerry didn't have the savvy--four years ago was a long long time in todays media world
    It's unbelievable to me how many women are still writing about Hillary --such things as if you like Sex & The City you're the enemy of feminism
    Makes me want to love the movie

  2. aha! my best guy friend is raving over the game, too. too bad i didn't catch it.

  3. and yes, i still read, so that should make me...more of a friend? maybe a friend and a half? ;)