Appropos of nothing, Rachel Maddow's word for a certain Democratic presidential candidate really speaks to me: "post-rational"

Tonight's primary results felt a lot like Game 7 of the Celtics-Hawks series.

Which is to say, Finally

further efforts by the Clinton camp will henceforth be referred to here by their true nature: a struggle to raise enough funds to cover the red ink. Naturally, they can't call it that, as I can only imagine that no one would put their hard earned dollars directly into Hillary's pocket (as the most significant debts of the campaign are owed to Hillary herself)

I'm feeling rather unburdened at the moment, partially due to big wins from the Celtics, the Red Sox, and Obama, partially due to a matter I probably need to keep off of the Internet. In any case, rather than attempt anything poignant, I'm going to share something extremely silly that I found on Youtube. I recommend playing it five times for maximum laughs


  1. I can't laugh--go into coughing spasms. Thanks Wombat--my bronchitis is a bit better due to that :)

    I usually feel gloom and doom when bronchial but for some reason....

  2. ha, ha, I love that.

    Indeed Wombat you must do tell.

  3. Pia: always glad to help

    Cooper: You shall be informed