Public Service Announcement

The first pitch of the season for the Red Sox was thrown about an hour ago.

This, coupled with the Celtics sitting at the top of the NBA means that for the next few months I cannot be reasonably expected to be sane.

That is all.


  1. Oh gawd, here we go again.

  2. How dare you insult my religion? =P

  3. crazy or not, i still like you. :) call it "absence makes the heart grow fonder" syndrome.

  4. Gawd, I agree with Cooper...

    Are we allowed to bring up the Super Bowl yet? Maybe mention Eli and Manning without using the Fucking middle name?


  5. {illyria}: I'm sorry for my part of the absense. I'm trying to kick things back up to where they were around here.

    Jason: Ouch dude.

    For the record, the only sportsman given that title in this town is Bucky Dent.

    Also, the Democratic Primary very quickly erased any bad noise in the headspace about the Super Bowl and replaced it with something a hundred times worse. The Celtics are something I can read about in the newspaper and feel good about and don't you dare take that away from me god damn it. =P

  6. Aaron FUCKING Boone gets the F title. Dent got the title for the same reason,..what they did wasn't expected..Eli Manning is a quality QB, otherwise he wouldn't have been in the SB.

    And honestly, I can't understand the Pats fans mentality. 17-1 is pretty fucking amazing. The season was probably the most amazing ride ever for a fan..but somehow its lost on the last game? gimmi a break. I actually believe Pats fans have sort of become the Yanks fans of football. Only Yank fans decide a season is lost if they don't bring home the prize. Nobody celebrates 17-1, and that's a damn shame.

  7. Cooper said most of it. I will say can we ever expect you to be sane? :)

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