Appropos of nothing, I should have been the one to reference "Are You Experienced" in response to Hillary and McCain's Obama-bashing rhetoric

Today wasn't a great one to wake up to. Hillary won by enough to justify staying in the race, though not enough to lead in pledged delegates at the end (more on that later), and Gary Gygax is dead.

I wouldn't expect most people to recognize that name. Hell, even among people familiar with his most famous creation, Dungeons and Dragons, I'd imagine recognition would be sparse. After all, it's owned by Hasbro now, and judging by their latest incarnation of it they're intent on running it into the fucking ground.

The footprint the man has had on our culture cannot be fully quantified. And when I'm talking about "our culture" I'm not referring to the culture of my dicerolling bretheren and I. I mean all of us. The Lord of The Rings was marketable to the mainstream largely because of the underlying support of the community he created. And they were masterpieces as well as blockbusters, altering the course of a substantial portion of the film industry since then.

But to those of us who are, yes, complete and utter geeks, the man's contributions have been, well, palpable. Without him, RPG only stands for rocket-propelled grenade. World of Warcraft? Everquest? Final Fantasy Anything of the sort? Would never have existed. Hell, I believe I have at least one friend who would have never been born-- his parents met playing D&D

So I offer up a word of thanks to the man who made high school significantly more tolerable for me, and for those who care to look, an essay written by someone far better at this sort of thing than I am.

I remembered the lesson I learned on Super Tuesday and spent the night writing instead of watching the returns from Texas and Ohio. That shit makes me crazy.



Honestly I'm terrified by the doublethink required to actually believe what Hillary is saying when she defends her decision to stay in the race. The math is clearly saying that she will not lead in pledged delegates going into Denver. The only way she takes it is if 70% (or likely more) of the remaining unpledged superdelegates vote in her favor, a split by no means reflective of the voters. Her stated reason to keep running? So that the voice of the people might be heard.




The story in the media that was supposedly in the tank for Obama is about how Clinton had some sort of miraculous coup the other night, when before the focus was drawn to Texas and Ohio she was polling 20 points ahead.

I guess it's no big secret that the easiest way to get the media to fold to your agenda is to accuse it of bias.

We as Americans have watched Bush win one election by similar means as Senator Clinton would win the nomination, and another by fear tactics and whisper campaigns similar to hers.

No More.


  1. Hillary's a person? Thought she was a talking machine

  2. I think NAFTA and Rescko hurt him significantly - it wasn't timely for him and he had no good answers really. I think that will be forgotten soon, it was unfortunate timing.

    I will see you soon.
    yea I didn't know who that guy was at all and I've seen a few references to him this week.

  3. pia: she's neither. she's a monster =P

    Cooper: turns out that not only was the leaked memo a quote of one of the Canadian officials at the meeting, and not Obama's advisor, but the leak was most likely illegal. Moreover, the Canadian Prime Minister expressly denied it.

    Even now that it's been debunked, Clinton is still referring to it with innuendo. It's bullshit.