Dropping the needle: Nerdcore!

My absence has not, in fact, been laziness. It's been a show of support for the striking writers guild. I, on the other hand, have recently secured a 40% cut of all revenue generated by my online writings.

Yeah, that sounded funnier in my head.


An IM popped up the other night at around 8


Come to Allston

the Front is playing Harper's Ferry



On went the not-quite-suitable-for-cold-weather-indie-looking hoodie. Over the shoulder went the laptop bag filled with notebooks, pens, party favors and deodorant. It's only a coincidence that it's a pretty accurate portmonteau of scenester wear for both the indie and nerdcore scenes.

MC Frontalot is the George Washington of Nerdcore hip-hop. Which isn't to say that he's the first, but he coined the phrase and leads the fucking charge. He's also the unofficial rapper of webcomics, and the official rapper of Penny Arcade in particular. But I'll get to him later. As I rolled in to Harper's Ferry, legendary local group Jim's Big Ego was rocking out on the stage. Not nerdcore per se, but certainly sharing common influences

couldn't really find a good live clip.

The double bass player was playing one of those new electric standup basses that I find do be quite the awesome.

Joining MC Frontalot on the tour is Schaffer the Darklord, who I hadn't heard of previously. He came on stage with a black box and a black robe, which he shed soon after the first song. I think this clip best captures him

There was also a proper music video that he put out that's ok. Obviously he sounds better live. He finished out his (awesome) set, and then on came MC Frontalot, the self-proclaimed world's 579th-greatest rapper.

What I love about the genre is that while it puts its tongue firmly in its cheek, it doesn't diminish itself by doing so. In many ways it is to hip-hop what Venture Brothers is to cartoons.

Frontalot's popularity skyrocketed to the point where he could make a living selling his cds and merch online and at his shows when he was made the official rapper of Penny Arcade, which is now a business that supports six people, two of whom have families. All because those two guys make funny comic strips on the internet. Stories like his, coupled with Radiohead's ballsy move with its latest album and those who will follow it, may be the death knell for the RIAA and its thightass torch and pitchfork brigade.

The night concluded with some craziness at a friend and fellow xkcd-er's apartment before we all crashed after some mild debauchery. The dividends of that meetup in September continue to come in.


  1. I have been meaning to sit and read your delightful-and-OH-so-missed posts but between shrieks-as-soon-as-I-am-f-ing-online-and-then-some kiddie drama and not being home and site-showing-but-alas-no-text-what-the-hell-is-going-on laptop troubles this is a MIRACLE that I made it into the comments because DIOS MIO have I missed you!

    But *sigh* 'cause I seem to have nothing intelligent to say and nope, had not heard of nerdcore before, especially nerdcore hiphop of all things! Quite interesting FO SHO!

    As for Shayna being back... WOOOHOOO I am ecstatic! She saved my blog from being offed... I was seriously gonna do it this past weekend, but, for now, I stay.

    Hope you had a great weekend my dearest of Wombats! MWAH!

  2. I've never heard of them but I listened to the YouTube earlier from my reader. Not bad.

    Writer's Strike...sure..

    I hate to mention Shayna being back because as soon as I so she will disappear.