It should be made clear

That recent events in my hometown have not escaped my notice. Kevin Garnett is in Boston now. The one big man that the winningest player in the history of pro ball, Bill Russell, said would be a challenge to defend against. The arguments have already started as to whether or not Pierce-Garnett-Allen are the best trio in the NBA.

And then the best bullpen in the MLB decides to go and trade for a dude who once saved 84 games in a row.

Preseason prognosticators (try saying that while drunk) are already giving the Patriots the best odds on the Super Bowl

Fuck Yes.

And Coop, I really doubt you find this more interesting than the reasons people have sex. =P

A post better fit for general consumption will be forthcoming.

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  1. Um, yeah.

    Is it horrible that I don't understand this all?

    Just popping in to say hola and that I am trying to get my feet wet... so far just the toes! ;-P