this is my 365th post, which means I've averaged a post once every three days for my run here. I must have had a real streak going at some point...

So it may just be that one of the most adorable things that can be done if you're a lady and have had drink is to try and recite The Walrus and the Carpenter. I can't speak for its effect if you are a dude. I will have to ask the lady involved how my half of the attempt came off.

Oh, and I'm reminded of this because of Cooper's latest use of her technique that I've so often stolen from her of fitting song lyrics into the context of a post. "I am the Walrus" was a result of Lennon tripping on acid after having read Through the Looking Glass. He hadn't realized until later that the Walrus was the villain.

Let me rewind.

I happened to stumble upon a number of old friends using Facebook. One of whom I hadn't seen since the sixth grade. As it happens, she turned twenty-one not too long after I did.

I think you can see where this is going. She invited me to join her and "some other people" at a blues lounge in a bordering town. What I didn't know is that they were all people I'd gone to school with years ago and (save for one who I bumped into a few times) hadn't seen since. The bartender there happens to be a jazz singer, who I guess is friends with the rest of the crew and sang for us after hours.

All in all, a good time, and it may in fact become a thing.

Oddly enough she was picking my brain about blues, because other people have said (and I agree) that that's what her voice is begging to be heard singing. Now I can see someone my age, younger, or maybe a bit older asking me about the blues, but she's twice my age and I can't imagine that. Then again I couldn't believe that a friend of mine hadn't been introduced to The Beatles by his parents. THIS SHIT IS IMPORTANT, PEOPLE!

But all in all, a good time was had. Which leaves me in the back seat with the friend who invited me, trying to recite The Walrus and the Carpenter with the weight of the evening on us. Sorry Lewis.

Also, FUCK YEAH. The dickwads trying to nix gay marriage in Massachusetts won't be able to do a damn thing for five years, and I really can't see that happening then.

While we're on the topic of dickwads, if there's anyone who really believes that Mitt Romney said he'd protect abortion rights in Massachusetts for any reason other than that he had to to get elected here, and that he's really had some kind of an epiphany about it that's caused him to change his position to one he'll need to stand a chance at winning the nomination, please raise your hand. Anyone? Anyone? You! Give me your name. You're too fucking stupid to be deciding the course of history

Barry Bonds went 0-2 today against the Sox and we came out on top 10-2. I hope one of our guys drills him in the knees before he leaves.

remember Pluto? cue Bob Dylan singing Knockin' on Heaven's Door

That's all I have for now. Later


  1. As for Pluto, once the slide has started it is never ending.

    Congratulations on your many posts, may there be many more.

    Get going.

    I'm just waiting for the book - "The Truth About Romney".

  2. Aww.Poor planet.

    Yeah, my own experimenting with Facebook is proving quite interesting.A recent hire asked me, after returning from lunch one day, if my middle name was "Zin-FOP-ro" or something.

    Lol, very few women I know actually accepted my invite. Wonder why? ;)

    Very cool, though. Ain't nothing wrong with jazz.

  3. cooper: I'd settle for him just getting his ass trounced.

    Jason: Heh. You should have rolled with it.

    Of course there's nothing wrong with jazz, but without the blues, there is no jazz, so I'm curious as to how it eluded a jazz singers education