Something goes wrong? Here? naw...

It seems I accidentally blocked comments for the last post. Not that many people read here on the weekends (or indeed at all) anyways. I have fixed the problem, in the event that anyone felt the need to say anything about it.

So it may seem obvious by now that I'm just a tiny bit odd. On Friday I was hanging out with two cousins of mine (who are, well, yeah, related to me, so you might guess what sort of people they are but actually that doesn't factor into this in particular) and we decided to order some Chinese food. One of them happens to be a vegetarian, so he ordered scallion pancakes, and bade me try a piece.


So I was sitting at home at about one in the morning the following night and my brother came through the door. He mentioned something about hunger and I realized that I hadn't eaten in a while either.

Naturally, the way this problem was solved was not through the more predictable means of say, making sandwiches, or even mac and cheese. No, I felt the need to whip up a couple batches of a food I'd only been introduced to hours prior.

Luckily, these things are as easy to make as they are tasty. I found the recipe here. Out of habit I doubled it and ended up cooking more than would be eaten that night, but as a result I learned that they reheat well also.

Of course I didn't follow the recipe 100%, but all I really did was add some seasoning. A bit of black and red pepper added along with the salt, and a bit of ginger and garlic with the cooking oil.

In any case, the other times I posted food things they were meat, and I figured I'd throw this out for my non-carnivorous friends. I've been since pestered to make these again, so I think this one is a winner.


  1. The things I learn from you Wombat :) Had no idea scallion pancakes were so easy to make.

    Would learn that after I gave up processed flour

    Actually whole wheat scallion pancakes sounds tasty but not Chinese :)

  2. Okay... I'm trying to loooooose the baby weight and it is almost 11pm and YOU are making me hungry!!!!!!!!!


  3. pia: Don't know what to tell you there. there might be an alternative, but I'm not the dude to tell you.

    Shayna: Heh. that's twice now, I think. I'm sorry. I'll try and talk about less delicious things =P

  4. Oooh! I just got my damn teeth put in last night (how hick do I sound???) and those are awesome and being a vegetarian this recipe brings out the geek in me so let me revel in it as I tell you I am SO excited over the recipe!!! WOOH! I am gonna make 'em and chew with my entire mouth!


    Gracias amigo mio! :-)

  5. Lol. Now I'm craving scallion pancakes...

    And it's not even 10 am yet...

  6. Wow, that sound like my kind of meal.

    "So it may seem obvious by now that I'm just a tiny bit odd".

    See this is why I love you wombat.
    I must use this line somewhere soon. Maybe tonight. ;)

  7. Jason: man, I'm sorry. Didn't know a throw-away post like this was going to provoke reactions =P

    Cooper: Couldn't be more flattered by how you used it

  8. Hey, here it is. This is what all the fuss was over, huh?

    I picked it up at How to get Cooper to read your blog - passing thoughts. It was just begging to be copied.

    I really didn't have a clue who you were or what you were talking about until Cooper cleared it up, and I just Googled the phrase a few minutes ago and found it here. I missed it last night skimming through because there are no pictures with this post and reading dark blue text on a black background while sitting in the dark isn't my thing.

    Yeah the phrase is the same, but how we eached used it and our meaning behind it is quite different. The words aren't unique and I'm sure someone else has stated the same sentiment many times before.

    Take care