Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight?

Notoriously difficult question. And one so rarely has the proper time to formulate a proper answer to it.

Anyone who, in the pale moonlight, would present him or herself as the Devil must be called into question. I can't imagine the Devil would present itself as such openly and notoriously to someone who isn't a blues musician looking for mastery. Then again I can see how an individual might be so savvy as to warrant the lack of subterfuge. Does the Devil always lead, I wonder? Perhaps sometimes he follows to put one at ease. Part of the disguise.

I myself have danced with one who was introduced as the devil but wasn't. Possibly some who were really the devil in disguise.

Actually a couple of times with persons bearing the name Lucifer. I shit you not. Whether or not bearing that name makes one The Devil is hardly clear cut though

So the question is in doubt. I do know what Jack Nickelson said when he was asked this question by a fan who happened to be at the urinal next to him.

"I have now, baby."

It is not meet for you or I to question the wisdom of Jack


  1. wow, the man can piss and THINK with wit on his feet. i will always have somewhat of a crush.

  2. Wow Wombat that was one hell of an unexpected ending

    But Jack's he not called the coolest of the all time cool for nothing

    Loved the post

  3. how i do love me my jack. older men are are a bit scruffy around the edges, but when they serve up a dish of scathing wit, they're as smooth as smooth can be. i agree with pia. this post was outfuckenstanding. :)

  4. Anna: The story came from a friend of mine, about an uncle of his. Or an uncle of a friend of his. Jack is basically the man

    Pia: Jack could have a heart attack and still be calm all throughout. He's so cool you can keep beer in him.

    {illyria}: Have you seen The Departed? He was excellent. I don't think I've ever seen anything of his I didn't like

  5. I'd totally do Jack, clever man.

    I have only danced with the devil in the pale moonlight on IM - but you already knew that. ;0