Maybe I am lost

Have you tried Hare Krishna?

Go on, tell me where that running gag comes from. I've been told that I'm probably the only 20 year old who is so familiar with the source.

Youtube represents simultaneously my most loved and loathed aspects of the net. Spreading the funny and the poignant virally is a noble endeavor, but the people who comment on vids there are worse than the threads at Fark, and that's a serious goddamned achievement. Illogical, incoherent and idiotic. And fucking loud.

It's amazing how much bitching there is surrounding videos of, of all people, Randy Newman. I mean sure, A Few Words in Defense of Our Country was bound to earn some grumblings, but they've come from a surprisingly large amount of people who have surprisingly sparse comprehension skills. And there were people who came out and said that Political Science promoted racism. Then there's the constant references to this parody of Newman from Family Guy, the creators of which are avowed fans of his, some along the lines of, "Randy Newman? Mo' like Randy Oldlameman LAWLZ amirite?" and others in the "I have no fucking sense of humor" category. Here's an example: " shut the fuck up i hope you die. why would you make fun of one of the best song writers ever."

Because no one who loved him ever made fun of the way Bob Dylan sings, right?

It's been said that infinite monkeys on infinite typewriters would produce the works of Shakespeare. I think it would only take a room full of them an hour to produce all of the comments on Youtube. And then they'd shit in their hands and throw it at each other.

Yeah, I've been Youtubing a lot of Randy Newman. No one ever told me that his stuff was so good.

Speaking of Youtube, my friend Matt asked me to post this here. He does segments for the news show on BC TV, and he's quite skilled at producing them. The voice he uses is the quintessential boring news anchor, but it should be noted that he's captured it pristinely and I'm already writing a sketch that puts it to use.

I'm shocked and appalled that a huge deal has not been made about Josh Wolf. But as I want to put more energy into that particular post I'll hold off until tomorrow.

Huh... I didn't get into being lost either. But I'm tired. Night all


  1. http://www.freehugs.org:80/

    Quite a while ago my brother sent me this link about a guy who gives free hugs. I kept it because I thought it was a great idea, and very touching.

  2. I'll be waiting for your next post.

    "Because no one who loved him ever made fun of the way Bob Dylan sings, right?" Nice way to make the point.

    Tell me though, do you have a special fondness for say.............."Short People"

  3. Ya know, I tried to like Randy Newman. Just can't do it.

    Everytime I see the guy, I think of Will Sasso and his Madtv impersonation (the guy actually voicing that Newman/Family Guy impersonation).

    And I have to ask, like ol Coop...

    "Short People," too?

  4. Tess: I have some friends who do that every now and then. I love the idea.

    Cooper: *nods* If I sing it I'm guessing I'd come off as an asshole though.

    Jason: Will Sasso is a pretty big Newman fan as I understand it. And the dude is easy to make fun of, I'll grant. I'm all kinds of addicted to his songs.

  5. I am working on the voice. It comes with experience. Thanks for showing the clip.