Guess I missed my own Bloggeversary

'Twas on the 25th, the day after Cooper's. Both of us are at the two year mark, though it wasn't until May that I had any contact with her, and thus, excepting Dylann, the rest of you lot.

Had dinner with family last night. It's traditional in my (quite large) extended clan to go to Pizzeria Regina in the North End of Boston when there are relatives in from outside New England. But as the years have gone by, the actual restaurant in the North End has become less practical due to traffic and such and so the event has since moved to Polcari's on Route 1, which serves Regina's Pizza. And a good time was had until, well, someone had to ruin it by being a total bitch to my cousin, my brother, and myself. Apparently looking the other way while a cousin is being bitched out for "having an attitude" (repeatedly refusing offers at compensation for a favor that was being asked of him) was enough to put my brother on her shit list and telling her to get out of his face was enough to clear me out a slot and label me as an "fucking ungrateful little shit."

I mean come on. At the very least I'm a BIG shit.

Because staying up till 2 when I have an interview in the morning working on her resume isn't gratitude enough for her being good to me when I was a kid. I also need to endorse her when she gets in my brother's face, declares most of her family to be on her shit list, and tells me that my father is a liar. "He pushed me out of the car" I was sure that "told me that I couldn't get coffee because I'd wasted all of the spare time we had to get to the funeral and now we're running late and so I yelled at him and got out of the car just as he was about to put his foot on the gas" was what she meant but she couldn't find the words. But no. I shouldn't believe my father because apparently I know her better than that.

And it had been such fun until then.


Ok here's something else.

It is a well known fact that dudes will take note of their friend's mothers. "Dude, your mom's hot" is a well traveled phrase, though I can't remember hearing it very often from my friends.

But the other day I heard it from my friend's mom. And she kept saying it, going on about how she "has the body of a 20 year old." Weirder still was when I was telling to a friend of mine with whom I've had a relationship that has in general been, shall we say, "less than platonic over it's course," she emphatically agreed. It's a good thing I don't have Oedipus issues, because if I did that would be FUCKED UP. Not that it isn't already, somewhat.

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Is that it? I think that's it.



  1. We could have partied in tandem Wombat.

    You are at the very least a big shit. ;)

    Family - belch.... love em or leave em.

    Sorry it ended up sucking, but it's the begining that counts, ending....well they are only endings and not to be remembered.

    That mother things is skin crawling icky.

  2. Anonymous5:06 AM


  3. Family makes my skin crawl... not that yours should... but I have had enough and just don't do well with those labeled as such around me... unless I sleep with them (1) or have given birth to them (2)...

    I really don't like Freud... he really needed therapy...

    I agree with Coop... sorry it ended up sucking too... but hey, it got you to come back and write something entertaining for us, no?


    And thank you for the plug my dear friend... I credit you and Coop's fab energy with the potential of having one or two clients this week when all around me keep telling me to give up already... I plan on seeing a certain non-little shit around Thanksgiving next year and need to be well settled before then, wouldn't you agree? :-)

  4. I have always thought of you as a BIG shit.

  5. Aaaaannnd.....


    I could have sworn I said that before but I see I didn't though I definitely thought it and since my thoughts sometimes escape my fingers well... ay...

    I am a dufus.

  6. Family really aren't supposed to be easy. I second what Miz B said. Make a family and then run like hell from the insanity you were born into has always (often) been my guiding principle.

    And many happy returns of the blog. Two years is quite a feat. Can you put that on your resumé? Does it count for anything in the real world, do you know?

  7. Cooper: Sorry to have missed that. Next year?

    Anna: Indeed

    Miz B: Should it be in the cards, the hand shall be played. If any energy I have can help you you're welcome to it as I'm sure Coop would agree. But you're clearly riding on a whole lot of your own there.

    Mike: Well at least I'm consistant

    Miz B: No dufus you. Thanks much.

    Mimey: Well that aunt in particular is the exception rather than the rule. She's not been well lately, though I've not known her ever to be in a state where I wouldn't expect such an outburst.

    Don't know. Maybe if I grew it into the next big thing. But then again I'm not quite sure what the current big thing is.