The date stamp on this post is a LIE

I had been meaning to make some mention of the departure of one of the bloggers gracing my sidebar. And grace in fact is one of the words I would use to describe her. Though it may not be the first that comes to mind when one mentions her name. The header under her sidebar, "big time sensuality" pretty much had that covered. She wrote in such a way that pierced the soul.

Ok so that last sentance felt like utter bullshit when I said it but I meant it.

Transience was, it seems, driven off by a stalker. Many of you no doubt remember me responding to a similar situation here a while ago. Of course then I was relatively sure that my words would be in the stalker's purview. This time it is likely that they are not, so I'll spare the lengthy rant other than to say that the actions of this person are dogshit.

--Ok. I've had those last two paragraphs in the can for four fucking days. And I haven't written anything since. That's pretty shitty. I've been meaning to write for all four days, but absolutely nothing is occuring to me, and that's a problem.

I wonder how many posts I write that deal with me not posting. Too many, by any count.

Anyways, there are some administrative matters to attend to. For one, there are some additions I am making to the sidebar. One is Jromer, whose musings are the sort of things I would reccomend to those who, well, tend to like the sort of things I reccomend. Another is Jemima's Imitation of Life, which I can only describe as a sort of chaotic quietude. Actually there are other ways I could describe it but like the hell if I can come up with one that sounds good you know? Also Never Enough, who I honestly don't have a good description on hand for. My head may not quite be screwed on correctly today... In any case, I enjoy the hell out of her blog Last but not least is my good buddy Matt's offering. This dude is at the moment in Washington DC making a documentary about political protests with a grant from his school. In fact, he has a a story about a sort of difficulty he's had recently that he's told me he's going to blog on soon.

In the world of improv comedy, what I just did there is known as "pimping." It's what happens when you oblige someone who's onstage with you to come up with something on the spot. Like if a scene started and you said to someone, "hey, tell us that story you told me at the bar last night." Of course, it doesn't exactly apply to this scenario as it's a story that did in fact happen, I am acknowledging that I'm putting my friend on the spot. But I think he can handle it, else I could just go back and delete some things.

So as I've mentioned here previously, I've been in a bit of a funk of late. Luckily, I may have stumbled upon a solution. I happened to come across a hell of a lot of pages of handwritten stuff I'd previously lost, and I always get new ideas when I go over older stuff. So here's hoping and all that. Also I totally shit the bed with that meme thing that I tried to do. I may try and resurrect it. In any case I intend to be back tonight to either write something more substantial or show some of the stuff that I found. And also Jemima I'll do what I said I was going to do with the sentances you gave me and if you want I'll come up with some for you. I'm sorry I didn't earlier; I was waiting for you to open up a comment thread for suggestions.

Oh also, did anyone catch the latest Venture Brothers? I know that I may be the only one here who watches that show but damn if it wasn't awesome, and to explain why would ruin it.

Ok so I think that's it. I'm just going to go and update my sidebar now. Sorry if there's anyone I forgot, as I am very much of the idea that I am missing someone. In any case, I'm out for now. Later.


  1. Well, for god sake change the date wombat.

    I'll check out all your links when I have the time . I am sure if you say they are worthwhile then they are worthwhile.

    I'm glad you wrote something.

    I guess that is the difference between the wombat and Alice.

    Alice rarely thinks before writing and Wombat thinks too much.

  2. Very interesting anaylsis of the difference between Alce and the Wombat

    Agree with Alice about the recommendations

    The thing about cyber stalkers is that people seem to think that you're making too much of them, when they leave traces that might be invisble to others everywhere.

  3. I'm off to get a dictionary, just to make sure how I feel. Chaotic, that's generally seen as a bad thing. That aint the way I'm taking it.

    It's always a thrill to get a shout-out in a post :-)

    You'll get a link from me at some point, I'm lazy, I mean busy, but most definitely not just because you linked me!

  4. Cooper: Can't change the date. Blogger doesn't let me anymore.

    I won't deny that I think too much in general but I don't know that I was thinking much about this post aside from "fuck... haven't written it yet!"

    Then again you may well be right. A habit is something one often doesn't catch themselves at.

    Pia: I think so too. Though I would say that while Alice may in fact not think before posting, it would be hard to argue that her posts aren't thoughtful. So one can only assume she's managed to do all the necessary thinking while she writes. Unless I've missed something.

    JvS: You are right not to take it as a bad thing. I cherish chaos in (most) all things. Especially music. (Pink Floyd, esp. with Syd Barett, The Mars Volta, System of a Down... it's all excellent)

    yeah I was meaning to link you for a while and I was... busy

  5. thank you so much for linking me on your blog!

  6. hmmm... so... you have "pimped" me out before! ;) I have been "pimped" by the Wombat... that might be my next "catch phrase"... :)

    Hope all is well!

  7. Jrhomer: My pleasure. Really

    Shayna: When did I do that? I won't deny that I've put you on the spot as it is a thing I tend to do from time to time but my memory is failing me...

    I can only imagine the trouble that phrase would cause if the glasses pic was a problem. There is no way that I can erase that from my memory, btw

  8. Okay... so maybe it was my imagination that dreamed you had "pimped" me out... I'm the old fart here... your memory is failing! ;)

  9. is not failing... is what I meant to say... GEEZ... sorry! :)