If you lose your money, please don't lose your mind

Spoke with the man who taught me most of what I know about theater. He told me that Creon would be a good role for me. I trust him. Apparently, it wasn't my height this time. Its still something that hangs over me though. Perhaps too much.


A Scottish palaeontologist is now claiming that the Loch Ness monster was actually a circus elephant. Rumors that the Loch Ness Board of Tourism have put a price on his head were dismissed as unfounded.

Secretary of Treasury John Snow has asked Congress to raise the debt cap to 8.3 trillion dollars. Damn do I wish that shit could work for me. On the other side of financial responsibility... Did you hear that? That was the sound of the executive branch sucking.

The rest is silence. For now at least.

UPDATE 6:33 AM: An unexpected trip to a 24-hour coffee place with a friend at around 3 and my subsequent arrival home at around 4 with a signifigant amount of caffeine in me caused me to end my silence at BIO. My enthralling topic? Bush asks Congress for a power that was deemed unconstitutional in 1998, before the Supreme Court became his bitch. When reached for comment, the American voting public had this to say: "What the fuck? How did Crash beat Brokeback Mountain?!"


  1. Hey, now...I liked Crash!
    On my way to read your post at BIO.

  2. Netflix should be bringing me Crash tommorow! I saw "THE SCENE" from boke back on the net... H O T!

  3. Hope Creon will be the right role and best role for you... Good Luck! :)

    CRASH... deserved the award. Wonderful movie and I literally started clapping and screamed "YES" when Jack Nicholson announced them as the winner! I was tickled pink! ;)

  4. Cowgirl: Oh I've heard nothing but good things about Crash. I'm just saying that there are more people pissed about the outcome of the Oscars than what's going on in our government.

    Frap Gurl: I prefer my homoerotica to be of a different gender.

    Shayna: Thank you *hugs*

    As for Crash, see above.

  5. I used to get in fights as a kid cause i thought the Loch Ness Monster was real. I still do.

  6. I guess my comment didn't come off as being funny.*sigh*

    Anyways... I put you in my blog roll. You have got my attention, oh esoteric one.

  7. cowgirl: My fault. That actually was funny. Glad to have caught your attention.

  8. I have nothing intelligent to say tonight (it's night in Spain and I am on my way to bed!)! But mention Crash and you have my attention! I haven't seen Brokeback Mountain yet but I must say Crash was briliant, flawless. The script is a dream, what I aspire to as a writer. It was a seamless piece of art. The characters' lives are intertwined but in a very subtle way. The casting was brilliant and the acting superb. My husband and I just sat there breathless, silent for a long time... it was quite an experience and I was in awe of the amazing work of art I had just been witness to... Beautiful!

    Can you tell I like it? ;-)

    GO SEE IT! GO, GO, GO! I NEED to hear someone swoon along with me! Come on now! *swoon* There we go!

  9. the lochness monster a circus elephant? i give up.

  10. Crash rocked.

    Creon it is.

    Your silence is not Golden.