my RILFs. Not required reading by any means.

Well, in the end, now that Shayna has participated in the RILF meme, I've run out of reasons not to. (though let's face it, I was probably going to do this anyways) For anyone who didn't know already, RILF stands for Reader I'd Like to Fuck. I tried to think of some new spin to put on it, but in the end I just decided to go with the five-person list.

is overwhelmingly sensual, such that her sexuality and her intellect seem impossible to seperate. Her wildly imaginative and evocative writings make no mystery of that. Her photos reveal that she is as sexy as her writing, and one gets the idea that she knows what she's doing.

is a hot mom who plays the guitar and the bass. I can't tell you how sexy that is within the scope of this post. Also, she makes frequent references to her crush on Katherine Moennig. I really don't need to elaborate on that. She also holds the distinction of being the hottest woman with whom I've discussed Stephen Hawking, and what on earth is sexier than quantum mechanics?

Dylann is, a smart, sexy blogger with a voice that's quite hot in that it sounds kind of shy even though you know the person who owns it isn't. She is also a fantastic poet, and while she hasn't been around here for a while, I would be remiss not to include her.

Shayna is a hot mom with a heart of gold and a terrific voice. And she plays the guitar, and as I've said, female guitarists are always sexy as hell (I may actually write another post explaining why). Unfortunately (well, I guess fortunately for her, really, but unfortunately for the intents and purposes of this list), she's married, so... yeah, that won't happen, but its a hell of a thought

Alice embodies the sexy and smart archetype in rare form. And its not just that she posesses those two qualities; she has a sexy intellect and a smart sexiness (if that makes any sense). I cannot imagine a universe in which she would not be good company. Moreover, Alice is passionate, compassionate, and so hot as to make a scalding seem like a cold shower.

It should be noticed that both Shayna and Alice get extra points for putting Leigh in their RILF. I'm going to savor that thought for a moment...



Ahem. Of course the general motif here has been smart and sexy. I wouldn't have it any other way. Of course, as I adhered to the list of five precedent as set by Alice there were some notable exceptions; pretty much everyone in my sidebar who isn't a dude. (sorry, dudes)

I'll probably be back with something later on.


  1. LMAO regarding your "moment" about Leigh, Alice and myself... Every guys fantasy I suppose :)!

    Ya know... You have been on two RILF's... your one lucky man! LOL! I have been on two as well... yours and Leigh's! I am one lucky woman!

    Even though I am married... You and I will always have the blogosphere! LOL! ;) I have always said you are after my musical soul!

  2. smart and sexy does it for me too. :)

    I would have cried had I been left off this list...
    well maybe not cry

    whine a lot with a few tears...

    why is that girl on girl thing such a turn on?

    I am not all that turned on my guy on guy for that matter although I mean I can see it on rare occasion being a turn on.... just not routinely...

    come to think of it I might be more turned on by girl on girl than guy on guy...lol

    Seriously now....nice list and you are abrave soul to risk your credibility in such a way.

  3. Shayna: Given the two RILFs I've been on, I am doubily lucky.

    Hmm... not quite Paris, but I'll take it. Your musical soul is such that one can't help but be after it.

    Alice: Oh hush now, you know I wouldn't have left you off the list. *hugs*

    As for girl/girl action, the obvious response is an increased woman density. But there's more. It's far more tender and intimate than any other "action" to be spoken of. Also, I believe that there is absolutely nothing quite so sexy as a woman coming to climax. I could go on for ages, but I don't this is the place for that dissertation Boy/boy? Not so much.

    Now, getting to read your comments is great, but where are ya?

  4. Wow, I'm very honoured to have made your RILF list! ;) I'm thinking of doing a RILF list, but I might get blustered, confused, and hot. Anyhoo, I shall try.

  5. oh my goodness. but i'm glad i seem to know what i'm doing. =)

    alice, alice, alice. you'd be on my list, too, you know.

  6. Vesper: I eagerly await it




  7. Ooooh! So much looooveeee going around! But alas, nothing for bohemians! *Sniff*

  8. Hey, you need some drama here! I thought I would do the honors! So yeah... I am jealous! Oh the HORROR!

  9. Miz B: well, I'm an actor, so drama is expected. But slow down there! I only just added you to the sidebar! You're moving too fast for me! :p

    I'm sure that there is plenty of love for Bohemians here

  10. Ok, ok! I'll take it slow, and I will be gentle... bohemians are good that way... ;-P

  11. I made it to the sidebar. I'll take that. *knowing nod* ;)