I know it's just two days, but still

So... I've been a bit emptyheaded lately every time I sit down in front of the keyboard. Plenty of things to write about, of course, but I haven't been able to make much of it. Which is why I've been silent for the past two days. Of course, that's a bad habit to be getting into. I'm a writer. Or at least I try to be. I should be here with material every day. I should also be working on some of the projects I've had bouncing about in my head. It's not like I don't have the time. I do. Too much of it, in fact. Not quite sure what it is, but it's something that hits me every now and again, and not just with writing.

I hope someone gets what I'm saying, because even I'm not sure.

Picked up a book of Bob Dylan songs a while back. Those familiar with this blog and my taste in music shouldn't be surprised. Of course the flaw there is that Dylan never played any song the same way twice, so unless you do something different with it you're playing it wrong. But I can hardly be expected to turn out a brilliant adaptation at this stage, and I do want oh-so-much to play some Dylan at open mikes, so I guess I'll settle for now. I've been working on "Like a Rolling Stone." Problem is, my poor amp can hardly get any volume without distortion, so it takes some tweaking to avoid a sound that would make the purists at the Newport Folk Festival lynch me. That having been said, I think it would be cool to be called Judas while on stage.

I was wondering if Pia was going to post about the latest episode of Boston Legal. She did, and it is, as always, more than worth reading. But then again what do you expect when an awesome writer writes about how an awesome show relates to her. Also on that note I'm declaring myself in allegiance with whatever she ends up calling her alliance in her war on Oprah.

I've now logged two entries at Bring it On, the first clearly being the more well recieved. Its good to be able to gauge results so easily. Which reminds me, I need to update my sidebar to include BIO in general and my diary there in specific. But we all know that it takes me a while to fix my sidebar, so... you know... don't be terribly offended if it I don't do it now.

There was something else... It's escaping me at the moment, so I'm going to post this now and write another one in the event that I remember, deal?



  1. Ah all your stuff is well received - some just generates more noise :)

    Keep on writing

  2. well, I'm a noisemaker by nature, so I guess I judge reception differently

  3. You cant be writing when you have time. I mean to write with the brush in your mouth, while dressing up or in between class is like a hell lot more better.

  4. You are writing more frequently than you were just a few months ago... and that's a good thing.

  5. I know what you mean. I go through it too. I have enough ideas, passion, zeal and god knows I am one opinionated bohemian so why not write it down? It is as if, for some reason, there is a barrier up that is impenetrable. And at other times, the smallest and most insignificant thing can open it when all along I was pushing and kicking and drilling at it trying to get through and all for nought and then this insignificant happening comes along and voila, the floodgates are open. Just go with the flow and it will come to you. The words are probably not ripe yet, you know?

  6. Am I making any sense? 'Cause I just read what I wrote and... hmmm...

  7. De.Ville, Alice,: truth

    Miz Bohemia. you're making perfect sense. It's the same with me. I just wish I had a bit more control, y'know?

  8. Well, as a new fan of your site, I encourage you to write more. :)

    BTW, that was a great episode of Boston Legal. Finally got around to watching it last night. It was kind of surreal watching it after reading our pal Pia's post.

  9. Open mic night huh? I love open mic night at this little dive in the next town over... great talent found there... along with those who are not so talented.. :)

    I am running out of things to write about as well... I think I may limit my "post to 2 or 3 a week instead of every day... I am so busy now that I really don't have that much time... :(

    I enjoy reading your post very much...

  10. verbiage comes easily; words come with more difficulty

    Think you expressed a writer's frustration really beautifully.

    What makes blogging so incredible is being able to communicate with other people so easily, and you are truly a great communicator who reaches out

    With all my heart, thank you

  11. Sar: I certainly want to write more. I'll try. Thanks for coming

    Shayna: boo to that! Shiney new site and you'll be using it less? *sad*

    Pia: aw shucks, thanks Pia. As always, when a voice such as yours sings my praises, it's a sound sweet to my ear.

  12. Ohhhh... I have never been booooed before... *tear*

  13. hey now, I wasn't booing you... I was booing the universe for not providing you with the time to blog. *hug*