Follow-up, As promised

So for once I say I'm going to do a followup post and I actually deliver. Who'd guess? Note: This might not make sense to anyone who didn't read my last post.

Around 2pm, and until 5, the following items for the scavenger hunt were revealed one by one:

A pair of wax lips
A Stones record on vynil
A Boston Red Sox ticket stub from a 2005 game
A copy of Rolling Stone magazine in which the Stones were mentioned

Ok, so I was in contact with my friend John, who is obsessed with the Stones, at the point that the stub was mentioned. He had a stub, I had a vynil. The plan was to load everything vaguely Stones-related, or rock-related, including each of our guitars, into his car in the hopes that one of them was the fourth item, and head into town. All we needed was a place to find wax lips. Having exausted what seemed every other option, I called Sugar Heaven on Newbury Street. They told me that they had them, but that some woman had bought out their stock. Soon after, I was listening to WZLX and I heard that very woman talking about the manuver she pulled. Then the final item was announced.


Fortunately, the woman who pulled that shit didn't win.

So I didn't manage to get my hands on Stones tix. Not a surprise. The contest was running a week and it only occured to me to try just this morning. All that having been said, it was fun, and I came out of it with a story to tell, so its more than cool. And I got a hell of a consolation prize. Soon after my chances for tickets fell apart, a call came on the phone. My aunt was holding a pre-emptive 21st birthday for her son, my cousin. So I spent the rest of the night hanging out with my cousins and sipping some decent wine.

Added as a bonus that one of my cousins present, brother to the one turning 21, was there with his guitar (he's been playing for at least ten years). Having forseen and in fact called to ensure this, I brought mine as well. He voiced his surprise both to the speed at which I've caught on, and also to Ophelia's quality given her modest price. (Analogies regarding my baby as a prostitute will be met with tears of rage). Furthermore, he taught me Heart Shaped Box, as well as much of Sunshine of Your Love. Then I let him try out my guitar as I picked up his acoustic. He played some pretty sweet licks, and I asked him if he knew any blues. He told me that he'd forgotten much of it, having picked up the bass a while ago. In response, I laid down the one blues riff I know; a simple 12-bar rythim part in the key of E. I wrapped it up.

"Hold on, keep playing that for a sec. I want to see if I can get some of this back."

What followed was an awesome-sounding improvized blues jam session. As it came time to go, we finished up by playing Wish You Were Here, instruments now in the hands of their proper owners. If you forgive the play on words, I wish you were there to hear it. So, departure imminent, we made plans to hang out and play guitar on Monday night if at all possible. I can't wait.

So anywho, I made up for the lack of Stones in my evening by recording a (perhaps debauched) accapella rendition of a Stones song via audioblogger. Click if you dare.

this is an audio post - click to play


  1. I liked it.

    Used to judge people by whether they liked the Stones or the Beatles better. And only one Beatle was really acceptable

    There's a motel in Wildwood NJ; the diving board has Mick's lips; Wildwood had a very boring Stones tribute convention weekend, my friends and I accidentally went to

    It was like a Star Trek convention without Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner; sort of not fun

    You have great taste; she says modestly

  2. to tell the truth, up until very recently I ruled no contest in favor of the Beatles. I still think that's where I stand, but it's not nearly as solid. I still pick the Beatles over Elvis though

    Oh, and in case you cared, I'm getting around to replying to comments for the previous post just now. So yeah.

    Thanks for the compliments.

  3. DAMN!!! Wished you could have won the tix. It is one hellava show! ;)

    I wished I could have been their to hear and possibly join in on the jam session...

    Maybe a miracle will happen and you will get you some tix... seriously, I wish that for you! ;)

  4. Awesome again, this is getting to be a habit.

    I wish you tickets all the way.

    I would always take the stones over the Beatles but then again I started listeing to the Beatles much later in life. ;)

  5. I must have been in a hurry yesterday... I sure didn't see that audio link...

    Did I ever tell ya your my favorite Wombat who is after my musical soul? :) Loving it!

  6. Shayna: No miracle was forthcoming, but it would have been awesome if you'd joined the jam

    Alice: See, it was the other way for me. Though lately I've been listening to more Stones, so who knows.

    Shayna again: From you, that means worlds.