They'll never take me alive, I tells you!

So I arrived at work today in a black t-shirt and khakis as per orders. Upon arrival I was presented with a sky blue shirt and the instruction, "put the goddamned shirt on." As I proceeded to comply I noticed a snowman on the back of it. Christmas apparently begins immedeately after Halloween now. I guess they're trying to build the pressure on slouches like me so that we get even more neurotic as crunch time and buy excessive amounts of merchandise on Christmas Eve.

But I have foiled their plan by having no money!

I looked at the preorder list at Sam Goody, and Serenity is already on it. Comes out on DVD come January. I'm torn. On the one hand, I'll get to see it sooner. On the other, an early DVD release casts a shadow on the hopes of a sequel.

That is all for the moment. There may be more soon, but don't make any bets.


  1. Yes Christnas now satrts IMMEDIATELY after Halloween! Git with it YO! Ha ha! Crazy huh!?

  2. I thought Christmas started as soon as Christmas was over with... it is a never ending cycle...

  3. That's certainly the way they'd like it, and the after Christmas sales would have you think so --personally I think it's far more economical just to avoid the people on your list until afterwards so you can get them gifts on the cheap but I guess I don't "get it"-- but there are too many intervening holidays for the transition to go smoothly.

    It is my theory that because of this, the retailers have been quietly funding Jack Chick and the Christian Right to try and eliminate Halloween (Thanksgiving never offered up much interference retail-wise). That way, they could start the rush as soon as back-to-school shopping ends.

  4. I feel sorry for you. The rush of people that start Christmas shooping so early is pathetic.
    I 'm not much of a shopper. Christmas I tend to give people paintings or photographs I have either done or taken which I do spend to frame but no one I know wants or needs anything I can prchases anyway.
    I'm sure the blue looks spectacular on you although you are more of a black person I can tell.