Thanksgiving: Solid

Morning came uninvited as usual. Not that the day itself was unwelcome, but when you are a creature of the night as I am, morning is always a kick in the pants. I forced down two cups of nigh-undrinkable freeze-dryed coffee, made tolerable with the addition of SwissMiss.

A former fowl was placed in a metal box, raised in temperature by combustible gas. My consciousness grew to a more palpable level as it did its work upon the deceased bird, as well as other foodstuffs, all of which I tended intermittently. Time passed. Heat became to emanate from the box, taking the bite out of the late autumn morning as the thermostat either had failed to perform its task, else was sabotaged in the name of thrift.

After a brief period of more pronounced activity, a meal was served and consumed, the substance of it most enjoyable.

Sleep came soon after, followed by being shaken awake to attend a gathering.

Good people there.

All in all, a good Thanksgiving.

The day after wasn't too hot. I had to work 7 hours at Sam Goody. Not many people came, so I had some time alone with my mind. Basically I was wondering just in what way prostitution is less morally acceptable than asking people if they want to reserve a 50 Cent cd.

Am considering a change of occupation.

To the matter of Wal Mart, I will just say that I have a strong desire to camp out next year with a Hattorai Hanzo sword and deal swift justice to any cretin who would trample another human being for the privelage to buy something

Wal Mart is why they fly airplanes into our buildings. And a pre-emptive "fuck you" to anyone itching to take me to task about saying that.

Oh yeah. Today I ran into an old friend of mine at the mall. He was working at a kiosk with some Scientologists offering stress tests and peddling L Ron Hubbard's books. It amazes me that I didn't say anything to him about how fucking stupid he is.


  1. Deceased birds and good people.
    What more could you want.
    I'm glad you had a good one Wombat.

    prostitution-fifty Cent CD= Difficult question.
    Walmart makes me want to change my stance on guns just so I can go and shoot some of their windows out.

    I am not so lucky as to have an old friend turned Scientologist. ;)

  2. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving... well deserved one!

    Prostitution and Fiddy Cent... aren't they the same thing? Heard he was coming out with his own line of sex toys for the women... Just what I want in my Christmas stocking... what is this world coming tooooo?

    Scientology... I believe a different breed of people... but each their own!

  3. ^---Hey! She heard about the 50 Cent sex toy line from me! :)

    Anyway, Scientology...yikes.

  4. Yeah, I did bee... she keeps me up to date with all the important "news"... LOL!!!