Saw a hell of a football game today; best high school game I've ever seen. Malden vs. Everett. I'm not too attatched to my hometown team-- I went to a Catholic school-- but it'd been a while since I'd seen live football. Close game all the way through. It ended with Malden converting two 4th downs in a row all the way down to the five yard line only to get picked off, ending the game at 18-22.

Damned fine game all the same.

Going back to my old high school tonight to see a couple of friends act in the first play there since the man who taught me a great deal of what I know about theater got fired. It is being directed by the man who fired him, and who does not yet know of my contempt for him. It could get interesting if he comes over to talk to me. If he does, I'll certainly bring up the fact that the rights to Neil Simon's "The Odd Couple" have been frozen.


That's all for now


  1. My commnet for this is actually below as I sort of melted them into one.

    Have fun and tell us about how the play directed by "the man you hold in contempt" goes.

    I think I'm going to do some hookah.

    Wombat you 're writing so much lately I don't even feel that my mind can keep up. Maybe Boston is the place for you.

  2. A post on the play will follow shortly. I didn't end up talking to the director, but as I was leaving I thought of the perfect thing to say. I should have gone up to him and asked him if he knew who won the football game. (I'd made many remarks as to the inequity in regards to funding for sports and for the arts while in his class, and saying this would have made it clear to him in what regard I held him)