My absence, explained

The reason that I was unavailable for webborne contact the other night had to do with my visiting a friend at an institution of higher learning. The event that motivated me to do this was an improv murder mystery in which he played a part.

For those unfamiliar with the medium, a murder mystery unfolds in a mock party at which both the audience and actors are present. The production is presented as a series of scenes punctuated by extended periods during which the audience and cast interacted. It is common, in this medium, for conversations to be struck up with the characters. And in many ways you make your own entertainment, because wit begets wit. As an actor and an improviser I understand that, and thus had a hell of a lot of fun. Which brings me to what is uncommon. One of the characters was a green absinthe fairy. A sexy green absinthe fairy. Who pulled off her (admittedly limited) role in a manner most commendable. We conversed a lot (I guess she found me easy to bounce off of) And for the last portion of the performance, she was on my arm.

And yes, that is exactly as hot as it sounds.

And no, I didn't imagine her. She was portrayed by a real, sexy, awesome female.

My friend told me afterwards that she was seeing someone.


Still, though...


  1. No one is ever around on weekends in cyberpspace.
    I am sure I would have complained about your absense had I been here though.

    Well the night was partially good wasn't it? Like half full?????

  2. Oh the night was crazy fun. I didn't mention it in the above post, but I got to hang out with the cast at the afterparty. Good times. My glass was full, then half full, then empty, then full again...

    And then I realized at 12 that I needed to get my ass in gear if I was going to make the last train home, I didn't, so I had to get back to the BC campus to find my friend with the full weight of the evening on my shoulders. Not that it was particularly heavy, but it was heck of noticable.

    I totally needed that night.

  3. It does sound like you had "Crazy Fun"... lucky you!!

    So you used your brilliant charm to whisk a fairy off her feet... good for you! ;)

  4. the fairy's loss... by the way...hope the "Burnsauce" didn't hurt that bad...

  5. Well its not like the concept of a fun, attractive and witty female being spoken for is foreign to me. So no, it didn't really bother me.

    The later events of the night didn't hurt with that either.

  6. Well maybe she will get with you and lose the dude! ...Sounds like a really cool weekend!

    (Former Scruuw) candi

  7. Hey Candi, good to see you've reblogged.

    The last time I had that thought in my head the experience was not pleasant.

    Live and learn. Well, you live anyways.