False Alarm

So it turns out that Winter was just nipping in for a bit of a laugh.

Mark Twain once said that if you don't like the weather in New England, wait ten minutes.

I noted earlier that I was trying to find a name for the hard, more-cooked edge of the brownie pan. For lack of a better word, I will be content to call it browniecrust, and should I ever come upon a fitting word that needs a meaning, I'll do what I must.

As I'm going to be working quite a lot during the holiday push at Sam Goody I might not end up doing NaNoWriMo, but I fully intend to complete something of the sort on my own time. My thoughts are either a work of Gonzo journalism or this scifi idea I have mulling around in my head.

The latter might be better suited as a graphic novel or a webcomic. That line of thought, however, is operation under the assumption that I can get an artist to work on it with me. I'm not sure I've mentioned this here, but I have written for two separate webcomic projects. One lasted three strips, none of which bore any resemblance to what I wrote. The other lasted about ten strips, but none of them were ever posted. But the field is juicy, and I'll almost have to try again at some point. I wants me some of that phat T-shirt cash. the audience is nice, too.

So yeah, that's all for now. Later, all.


  1. The field is juicy and if at first you don't suceed and all that... blah blah blah.
    I'm sure your better that nano nano thing or whatever it is anyway.

  2. heh. Well, the primary difference between me and someone who'll be doing nanowrimo is that they'll have a novel done at the end.

    thanks, though

  3. an ex-friend gave me a nudge--well, more of a shove--in the general direction of nanowrimo, and i thought it was a great form of writer's discipline. like the paddle dressed in lace. but me being me, i totally ignored the rules. the novel is still in the works, sadly.

    i'm sure you'll do better at yours.