I didn't think I would be posting much about Katrina

Because I didn't really think I had anything to add. I don't know that that's changed at all, but there are clearly worthwhile things that have been said on the subject, such as this essay by Eric Burns of Websnark, who normally writes columns about webcomics, but has been known to be extremely articulate and intelligent about many other issues, and this is no exception.

Its rather long, so I'll post here the part that struck me the hardest.

when [Bush] flew down, to "take a first hand look," after being asked not to come by the Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans, who didn't want to take time away from efforts to save people's lives to provide Presidential Security in a city where law and order were washed away in a tide of poisonous and infected water, and he ignored them so he could get his photo opportunities and timed the arrival of Federal troops to coincide with his visit, I knew we had gone beyond callousness and into a disconnection from reality. When George Bush was there, no relief flights were allowed to put food and water into the hands of the suffering, out of concerns for security. When George Bush was there, rescues were put on hold out of concerns for security.

It is entirely possible that people died because George Bush had to begin salvaging his public image

I don't know what more I can say. I'm appalled. And yes, I understand that the federal government isn't the only body responsible for the absolute failure that the Katrina recovery efforts have been. But they're the only responsible body that is accountable to me. So they're the ones I'm going to rage at when I see fit to rage.

Our tax dollars have been exhausted, our graces in the eyes of the rest of the world besmirched, our First Ammendment rights stripped and the bureaucracy of our Federal Government extended all in the name of safety and national security against enemies who intend to strike without warning. And the federal government has had days of warning about Katrina.

It has become blatantly apparent that the only thing that George Bush did after 9/11 was tell a bunch of firefighters that he could hear them.

I hope we've learned enough since then to see this title of "Healer in Cheif" that some lay upon him for what it is: utter, unadulturated bullshit.


  1. Hmmm...I think he did something else...something in Afghanistan maybe? Bronson was good tonight. Good win, would have been better if TBDR could have held on.

  2. You know, I coulda sworn that was the military. My bad, I guess.

  3. Well they go where he sends them. It's the way it works...commander in chief and all that. He's the only one who can do it. I'm pretty sure it's in the Constitution (which I make myself read annually just to make sure they haven't changed anything without me knowing about it).

  4. Hardly a stroke of brilliance, then, to send them to Afghanistan. Waited a hell of a long time to do it, though.

    And how is that search for Osama going?

  5. Mission in Afghanistan started on 10/7/2001, 27 days after 9/11 so I don't think that is too terribly long. I know it's fashionable to believe that the military moves like Superman, faster than the speed of light (or sound, whichever it was), but the reality is it takes awhile to deploy assets, whether overseas or here in the U.S.

    And I think the war in Afghanistan is supposed to be considered the "good" war because we have lots of allies, etc. As to Osama, all I can say is 4 years and no you know what on American soil. While it could happen tomorrow, still a pretty good result.

    Sweep tonight?

  6. To be honest, what I meant was that nothing had been done to prepare for an attack actually happenning. I'm not saying I think that the operation in Afghanistan was particularly well-orchestrated, but you're right, it basically got the job done.

    And I may be wrong, but I think it could and should have been executed faster.

    (Superman is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, btw)

    Yeah, I think I do fancy a sweep tonight. I'm thinking we'll get a big helping of Manny's bat to put us over the top.

  7. I just read on Boston Dirt Dogs that he's got the night off. I think Olerud is in? I hope we win because that will put us at least 4 up (if NY wins although they are losing right now)going into the Bronx. BIG weekend coming up.

    So I am eagerly awaiting the story on school. Have you decided to go to BU or Northeastern or UMASS?

  8. Actually, I guess I kind of overestimated the scope of the story. The long and the short of it is that my student loan got shot down and I'll have to sit this semester out. I'm thinking of maybe writing a book during National Novel Writer's Month And of course, finding a job

  9. That sucks, really I mean it. Can't you maybe take some classes locally? I don't want to sound like your mother. You know, maybe this is an opportunity, to get involved in some kind of local theatre? I don't want to sound like your mother. I'll just keep saying that. What about heading out to LA? see what you can get going? you can certainly find some kind of job there, just to survive on, make the rounds, do some writing.

  10. I don't know if I'll be able to make LA work, but I'm going to try to get something going as an actor. As for writing I have some concepts that I want to work on.

    And you don't sound like my mother, so don't worry.

  11. I'm tired of it all, it sucks.

    Oh I am going to sound like your mother...do something whatever it may be.