I think I might care again now

I'll be honest. For a long time I've been pretty much comfortably numb on political issues. Its not that I was completely apathetic, its just that I was burnt out because everything seemed so futile. Maybe it still is, but that's not the point. Our nation, our species, and our world are in the garbage masher at the moment, and no matter how much that steel beam is bending we still need to try and brace it or else we all get squashed (Star Wars reference in case you were scratching your head).

And this is beyond Democrats and Republicans. Beyond liberals and conservatives. I've made my leanings quite clear, but there is enough blame to go around, so there's no sense in pointing fingers.

Why do I feel the need to be writing this now? There are two people responsible. The Cranky Liberal, for writing this article about the complete and utter defenestration of truth, and Alice, for pointing me in his direction.

Ok, so I guess there's a little fingerpointing there, but I blame everyone who isn't calling bullshit at every turn just as much as the bullshitters themselves. That includes me.

And really, you don't even have to agree with what this guy is saying, or indeed much of what I am saying to see the big problem. In political discourse, the truth is compromised. And that is a crime against our nation.

Ironically, the words that define the need for change came from the mouth of Ronald Regan, whose banner our current Chief Executive flies as he charges forth on his crusade against science and fact, and whose refusal to speak to homosexuals or about AIDS has set us back years.

Truth exists and can be spoken proudly.

I feel like shouting those words through a megaphone from a soapbox.

I could care less your stance politically. Speak your views; they are your contribution to democracy. But do so truthfully. And don't think that because you support a candidate or party you need to defend them about everything. Its intellectual suicide, and I've got a hotline open to help you cope if you're contemplating. Well, an AIM screen name. And I guess I'm not on 24/7... so you kinda gotta catch me at the right time, but you know...

Also, after hundreds upon hundreds of our soldiers have died fighting in Iraq, they may end up with a theocratic government only tangentially similar to a democracy. Hire and service for our real opponents in this war on terror if you ask me.


  1. When did you stop caring? I missed that. I thought you were just busy (and we're in the stretch run now) and preoccupied but never not caring. I don't think Iraq is going to have a theocracy --although it's their country so not really our choice. We're not into acquiring colonies after all-- check out Iraqthemodel.blogspot.com for more on this.

    It would be unrealistic to think that a Muslim country is not going to have an Islamic influence in its laws. Islam doesn't make any distinction between church and state. But there are Muslim countries which are making a lot of gains in achieving some kind of balancing act, like Jordan, the UAE, Senegal, and of course the granddaddy of the secular state in Islam, Turkey. I predict more of a Turkey than an Iran in the end.

  2. But the reason that the Iraqi constitution is the way it is is because its been rushed.

    I know its up to them, and I know that there's really nothing to be done except say something to the effect of "seriously, you shouldn't ought to be doing that," but that doesn't mean I have to approve or not be pissed off.

  3. The more we tell them how to do it, the more we're accused of imperialist intentions. I confess a hidden motive. I want the Iraqis to get control of their own country as quickly as possible. Iraq for Iraqis, I say...and then the Americans can leave.

  4. oh I'm totally with you there. I just think that there could be a greater danger if we just leave them be. I don't want Iraq to be the new Afghanistan. As it stands, there is nothing that garuntees women an eighth grade education in this new Iraq.

  5. Well I doubt that it was my piece that made you care again, but heck man - I'm proud to help prod you along. NOw is the time for anyone with a sense of justice to speak up and fight back, Blog on man, blog on.