Details and a rant

Well, I thought I'd have finished the stuff I said I would by now, but it turns out that production week for Fourth Wall took more out of me than I had expected. Not a surprise. If at any point last week you felt a tremor in the Force, there are decent odds that a Fourth Wall cast party caused it. There were some people at one of them saying that I look like Andrew W K. Then they got drunk, and shouted "Andrew W K!" every time they saw me. So I saw to it that they didn't see me, because they were annoying as all hell. Also a guy fell down some stairs and it sounded like he took a bookcase with him.

As for the performance itself, I think that it may have been my best ever. It was the largest role I've had that my high school mentor recieved so favorably. He said it was "Excellent," with no words further on the matter, and he never humors me and tells me lies.

Then there was another party. I don't have all the details for that one, not due to overindulgence but due to the fact that I split off early with a few people to go swimmng.

So yeah. a good week all in all.

On to other matters. I read Dylann's post about Avenue Q moving to Vegas permanently, saw that she wasn't opening it up for comment, and fell silent on the matter for a bit. I don't mean to offend, Dyl, but I need to say something here.

I am not going to fault Steve Wynn for wanting to bring new entertainment to Vegas.

I'm not saying that it isn't a sound business deal.

I'm just saying that its a really fucking shitty precedent to set on the part of the producers of Avenue Q, who should, if they are in this business, have some love for theater, and some understanding of what it means to deny theatergoers across the country access to an award winning play just to line their pockets. Its expensive as hell to see a Broadway show as it is. Add to that a Vegas trip and its just not feasible for your average theater buff. Or for that matter, one of lesser means than your average theater buff.

You want to play Vegas? Good for you. Make it a stop on that national tour that you promised would happen; that is expected of you. Or hell, set up shop thereif you must, but make the tour first, like Spamalot is doing. To do otherwise is ingracious. Don't turn the Tony Awards into a stepladder up to the auctioning block. The arts have been ruined enough by money as it is. It would be intolerable to see it progress to the point that every Tony winner got shut off from the rest of the country due to the whim of some guy with money. And that is the danger that is being faced here. As an actor that terrifies me.

Ok, rant done with. I'ma go outside or something.


  1. Just invite me to the TonY..when you win it.

    Vegas--- SPEW.

  2. hi sweetheart =)

    okay, I totally see what you mean. I work directly with the show now that it's here, and trust me -- I hear similar opinions EVERYDAY. But, you're different. So I'll just say this:

    This is just another step UP in my career, so I support it. You don't have to, but I wish you would. I mean, hey -- more reason to visit =)

    seriously though, you know never know what'll happen with time. maybe there will be a tour. it's all up in the air.

    PS: as for that "VEGAS--- SPEW" comment..

    I'll leave that alone.

  3. Alice: There's a bargain made.

    Dylann: Hey, I never said I wasn't happy for you. I am pro-Dylann making more money all the way. I'd just prefer it happen some other way, because depending on which direction this heads it could have an effect on my carreer. Not that I'm assuming that I'll ever make it to Broadway, but something like this is bound to have reprecussions.

  4. true, true. and i am Pro-Pattycake's career, too. I'm sure you have the potential to hit Broadway, so please keep in mind.. AveQ NYC and AveQ LV are under the same ownership. like sisters, i guess. so they are still on Broadway. That'll never change. And neither will your future career opportunities =)