This is what happens when I have nothing relevant to say... it doesn't at all stop me from saying it

I have an issue with mangoes.

Mangos are delicious*. They are. Its a fact of life, right up there with "people have a natural urge to lie when approached by a man with a clipboard"

So when I get an urge for some fruit, and just so happen to be in some sort of shop that sells fruit, I see the mangoes and think, "oh hell yeah! Mangoes. " and grab one. And as I leave the shop with it I look at the fruit I've just purchased and every inch of it is telling me, "I am a goddamned delicious piece of fruit. When you bite into me its going to be like tasting fucking Nirvana."

and I sink my teeth into it, and for a brief instant all is as it should be. But the moment passes, the feeling subsides, I take a second bite and the magic is gone and I die a little inside**.

Fucking mangoes.

*Or they're supposed to be, at least.
**This, until recently, is what it was like to be a Red Sox fan


  1. That is how I feel about beer or for the most part any food, but beer especially. Sometime one a hot day I think cold beer...yes...then one sip...heaven...second sip...not so good. :(
    If only all sips could be first sips, if only all love could be first love. Meh.
    Obviously I am bored at work.

  2. yeah, I hear you there. The only thing that has never failed me on a hot day is Richie's Slush. Don't know if they have it where you are. To clarify, its not really anything like a slush puppy

    Totally agree with you though

    Glad you stopped by to perhaps take the edge off of boredom