Did ya miss me?

I was going to tell you all how very sorry I was about not having posted since... well, the last time I posted, and I was going to tell you that it was due to lack of internet access. In reality its partly due to internet access and due as well to the fact that I've been involved in a rabid, out of control debate over at Websnark. In my defense, I think that my post, which you can find if you wish (its about webcomics, so it is by no means required reading) by scrolling 3/4 of the way down from the top, did cause a retraction on the part of Eric Burns, but I really should have been tending my own blog.

Speaking of webcomics, Websnark's Eric Burns and illustrator Greg Holkan rock house


I had an audition for some community theater. (the pros have already done their casting) Went with my good friend Matt, known during the Gauntlet as Random Man. We rocked it hard *throws up horns*.

So yeah. I'll be keeping my promisre to Sammy within the evening, and at long last picking up her baton. I mean it this time.

Till then, peace.


  1. I missed you. I thought maybe being on vacation from school meant being on vacation from your blog.

  2. ehehe I forgot about the baton until you mentioned it!

  3. Saije- nah. I'm a writer. I need to write every day even if it doesn't become anything. Its just the sheer exercise of it.

    Sammy- Coming up