a few passing thoughts

But first, some blog-related notes.

Sammy has issued a challenge; to find in a book or a magazine article a passage that describes us, and post it. She told me that we are allowed to mix and match, so long as we cite each source. Mine is likely going to contain passages from the Salmon of Doubt, as there are a lot of similarities between myself and Douglas Adams (our height, ethos, penchant for procrastination, and several other little things).

Also, I have been remiss in my linking, as I have thus far forgotten to link to my friend, fellow Bostonian and Eagle Scout (huh... I don't think I've mentioned that here before) Mike Maher aka mickerdoo

As you can see, Ive updated the site with a photo. There is a longwinded (me? longwinded? call the New York Times!) rant on the matter of photography in the post below.

There was something else, but it's left me.

So moving onward

The other night I was treated to three amazing performances at Gourmand open mic. First up was this dude Seth who was rockin the bass guitar like you wouldn't believe. Had a relay pedal going so that he was able to record and loop 3 complementing basslines on top of each other and was wailing both with strings and vocals on top. He's doing a free show tonight, and I think I'm going to check it out.

Then came Julia who I had the pleasure of meeting beforehand, and in fact I sat with her and her friend Jenna when Seth was performing. Along with being extremely cool, she sang beautifully and played the keyboard.

Then came Edelle, an Irish exchange student who sang jazz. There is nothing quite like hearing an Irish girl sing if you're me, which I personally am, and she was exceptional. I talked to her afterwards and she claimed to have been impeded by alcohol. I tried to express to her how much I wanted to hear her sing at the top of her game if this was true. Not sure I completely got it right but I think she got the gist.

all in all, it was pretty sweet.


  1. Yay Sammy!!!!

    Oh... I mean.... yay me!!!

  2. I'm not really understanding why you claim to have writer's block.

  3. hah! you make a very good point. I am more than capable at going off on a tangent and never coming back, I can close up sometimes when I need to write a specific something

  4. erm... insert a "while" before the "I am"

  5. is the challenge limited to a book or magazine article? what about from a song?

  6. gah! ignore the above link! http://cincisammy.blogspot.com

  7. the challenge sounds like fun!

    looks like you've been enjoying yourself Mr Desmond. Party hard! You're only 18 once, and that won't last very long, will it?


  8. Alcohol can sometimes enhance a performance rather than serve as an impeder.

    Perhaps the irish girl with the haunting voice was at the top of her game already?

  9. hey, Hermes. Welcome. I checked out your blog. Its a good read.

    Yeah, a modest quantity of alcohol certainly enhances my performance in terms of singing, improv, and poker, but I decided not to belabor the point with her, and merely said that I'd love to hear her sing again, which I would.