Blogging in the morning? MADNESS!

So I pulled two all-nighters in a row, ending the other day. Read some stuff, listened to the Volta's albums a couple of more times...

those looking for a laugh would do well to click here and here

Oh yeah, I actually exercised, but it wasn't planned or anything. I was at an open mic night when my good friend and writing buddy Erin gives me a call and asked if I wanted to hit the fitness room. To me exercise is like drinking... you don't do it alone. And I knew I could use some exercise, so I went for it. Later we had a writing session, during which I wrote a monologue for my play that I'll upload as soon as it's surrounded by a scene.

The next day, I wrote an 8 page piece for a "Monster Story" assignment for my Fiction 1 class. It can be found here.

Spoke to Dylann last night. She says she misses everyone.

Umm... yeah that's all I've got for now.


  1. i do miss everyone.. i miss reading blogs.. i miss laughing at you [err- i mean, with you].. and mostly, i miss WRITING. i can't even think straight anymore. so, i'm sorry for being such a dimwit on the phone. eloquence suffers after a long day at work =\ nonetheless, i loved chit chatting with you =)..

    i read your work, word for word, and i am VERY impressed. *standing ovation*. despite my exhaustion, i stayed up all night reading and re-reading everything on that page.

    as for working out, i think i need to hit the gym, too.. ALONE. having a buddy invites competitiveness that i can never live up to. then again, i do need someone to throw a bucket of water on me after i pass out from the elliptical machine. i HATE working out.

  2. Dylann, you have no idea how much that means to me. Its just a great feeling to have, that there are people out there who want to read what you've written, and I'd like to thank everyone who has bothered to stop by. Its just so great to have all of you online to bounce my work off of; nothing quite compares to it.

    I've missed you, too, dyl. I've missed you popping up on my site, my IM window, and I've really missed reading your blog. I hope you can pick it back up soon.

    And no, you weren't a dimwit on the phone. And if you don't like competition, I'm sure you can find others that are the same way. Hitting the gym alone SUCKS.

  3. I work out alone...no one wants to see that shit let me tell you... You ssem like you been pretty damn productive! Write on!