Problem fixed

Well, turns out that it was a header tag. Thanks to Steve for pointing it out. Guess it wasn't Explorer's fault after all. Though I don't recall doing anything to that tag... *shakes fist at Bill Gates*

I'm going to leave the Firefox links up though. Go on. try it. It's free.

As you can see, I've been doing little things to spruce up the site visually. I'm working on ideas for a banner to replace the plaintext headline, but I'm no graphic artist, and even if I did want to use the one I've sketched, I'd need to get someone to scan it.

Well, I've been up too damned long allready.



  1. It's back to the way it was now. Much better.

  2. I just started using Firefox yesterday. I quite like it, but I must say that it does occasionally act a bit quirky on the Mac version.

  3. as soon as you started having issues, i hopped on my brother's computer and started using his Firefox. not too shabby.

    ok, this time, i'm really going to go to sleep. GOOD NIGHTY!

  4. E/W, this doesn't really belong here but check out:


    because the sun never sets on Red Sox nation.