*looks at calander* hmm...

Hmmm... I turn 19 in two months. I don't know what I think about that. I know what I said, and I stand by it: the actual day is itself arbitrary. Then again, the actual inch mark on a ruler that say's I'm 6'5" (or taller, as a couple of my friends have suggested) means just as little. What it measures cannot, however, be ignored.


I decided I'd put my real name in my profile. If I can get a hold of a good snapshot, I might put that up as well.

I guess I'd missed this before, but the judge in that Apple trial I've mentioned too much thus far already wasn't a complete defeat for bloggers. No ruling was made in terms of whether or not free press pertains to us. There's going to be an appeal, so we'll just see.

That last post was a little long. As well as rantish and perhaps opinionated. I will apologize for one of those three qualities. As for the other two, you all know what you got yourselves into. Does anyone know how to frontpage a shortened version of the post with a link to the full text? that would help.

Not much to say other than that, save to say that I may soon have something to announce. I won't be premature about it, though.



  1. I think putting your name here is a good idea. While I can understand the need for using online aliases sometimes, I also appreciate it when I visit a blog and it has the blogger's real name. A real name brings an identity to the blogger that an alias or nickname just cannot.

  2. Agreed. I never got the idea behind an anonymous blog. It's yours, your life, claim it and sing it loudly.

  3. I'm not exactly sure why I didn't put it there in the first place. I'm usually a lot more open with these things. On top of that, anyone who I've emailed already knows it anyway. I believe that Sammy and Mark are the only members of our extended circle who didn't know my name.

    They've been quiet of late...

  4. IM BACK! Spring break has made quite a slob/lazy/bum of me. I will probably be back to my obsessive bloging next week. I just wanted to say that I was thinking about going to Columbia in Chicago for a while. Sometimes I really wish I would have. It seemed sooooooo interesting and fun.

  5. Interesting and fun are two words I've used at times to describe the experience. There are some others as well. Its excellent for the arts, but general studies there are abysmal. If I don't come out as a professional actor or writer I'm utterly screwed.

    Then again, I continue there knowing this risk.

  6. the countdown has begun. *DUM Dum dum*.. two months =) i have to go to bed -- got a long day tomorrow. *waves*