Rant of the Alienated

Today I listened to all four discs of the new Nirvana anthology, With the Lights Out. Excellent music at the hands of the last important rock band of the 20th century.

I couldn't help but feel depressed when I was done listening

Ever since Kurt Cobain commited suicide, there have been no signifigant entries into the log of rock history. For ten fucking years, the airwaves have been filled with bullshit pop music, and watered down fake-rock. For every true, honest rock band like Tool, there's been a dozen bland, uninteresting, benightedly unoriginal bands like the White Stripes.

Worst of all, one-third of teenagers today don't even recognize the name Nirvana.

I was too young to have experienced the first grunge movement, but this country is in desparate need of another. Fuck the RIAA. Fuck MTV. Fuck the whining emo bands. Fuck Blink 182, and Fuck all their clones. Fuck the divas. Fuck 'em all. Flush 'em all away. It's time to bring back the rock.

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